New Year’s brunch with Islay whisky and Viennese waltzes

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Happy New Year! The new decade is under way, although some things haven’t changed: Same as the last two decades or so I’m starting my new year with a brunch with an Islay single malt while listening to the New Year’s Concert from Vienna. Here’s what I’m eating and drinking today:

Picture of a breakfast table with scrambled eggs, salmon, fresh made bread and Port Charlotte Islay single malt whisky
New Year’s Islay whisky brunch

This is what is (or as I’m writing this mostly was) on the table:

Very enjoyable, the food, the drink and the music.

I wish you and your families a great new year, hopefully with many Islay visits and many nice Islay drams!

Author: Armin Grewe

I blog about Islay.

16 thoughts on “New Year’s brunch with Islay whisky and Viennese waltzes”

  1. Jim Dunn says:

    Also listening to the New Years Day Concert here in Majorca where the almond blossom is out early this year and a light snow has appeared on the distant hills….

    1. Armin Grewe says:

      No signs of spring in West Berkshire where I am for now, it was around 5Β°C when I went out for a walk this morning. No snow either down here, although I know it has snowed in parts of Scotland.

      Concert was great as usual, always love the finale, especially the Blue Danube.

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