This Is Islay asks: What Makes Someone an Ileach?

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During my walk this morning I finally managed to catch up on some podcast listening, specifically the This is Islay podcast. In the latest episode it raises an interesting and to an extent controversial question: What Makes Someone an Ileach? For some it’s a very narrow definition, for them you have to be born and bred on Islay. Others draw the line far wider and make your connection and integration to the community their criteria.

This Is Islay: What Makes Someone An Ileach?

With most babies being born in Paisley these days instead of on Islay the narrow definition might become challenging in the future. In the podcast they also raise the question of siblings where one was lucky enough to be born on Islay while the other was born in Paisley even if they returned to Islay the next day. Otherwise they both have the same upbringing on Islay. Does that make the latter a lesser Ileach?

A topic that can probably be debated for hours, the podcast is planning to return to it in upcoming episodes.

On a slightly personal note there might be an even narrower definition which could be used: I was born and grew up in Bremen, Germany (although I haven’t lived there for over 30 years now and haven’t been for 7 years). I was very close to be a “Tagenbaren” (or “tagenbarer Bremer”), which is someone born and grown up in Bremen where not only both parents but also all grandparents were born in Bremen. I failed the criteria on account of one of my grandmothers.

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