Haggis Farm to be built on Islay

Islay NewsIslay farmers are well known for their excellent beef, pork and lamb. The fresh sea air and salty grass certainly helping with the nice taste of the meat. Soon there will be a fourth variety of meat coming directly from Islay: Haggis. A Haggis farm is to open on Islay today.

The farm will start with 100 Haggis, but expansion plans have already been approved to grow this to 1,000 Haggis. Being located on Islay the expectation is the Haggis meat will have a salty and peaty taste influence. Especially over the winter (and therefore in the prime season just before Burns Night) the grass will be complemented with draff from the whisky distilleries, meaning the Haggis will go even better with a good Islay whisky.

The location of the new farm is on the Rhinns of Islay, between Port Charlotte and Kilchiaran:

Picture of some rugged uncultivated rugged land
The location for Islay’s first Haggis farm

It is expected that the Haggis will thrive on this rugged land, finding plenty of food (as already mentioned supplemented with the draff from the distilleries during the harsh winter months) and growing and fattening quickly. The uneven and hilly landscape is their natural habitat, so they will feel right at home.

Initially most of the sales are expected to be local on Islay, but as its fame spreads the owners expect to export to the mainland and even internationally. First enquiries by international importers have already been received even before the farm started operating.

Author: Armin Grewe

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65 thoughts on “Haggis Farm to be built on Islay”

  1. Sorry, fun’s over. Admittedly pretty much all of you spotted immediately that the Haggis farm on Islay was an April Fools. But just in case you had any niggling doubts it might be true after all, it isn’t. No Haggis farm on Islay any time soon.
    It wasn’t the only Islay related April Fools, Laphroaig also joined in with this product announcement:

    Don’t miss this limited edition souvenir. pic.twitter.com/cePgzYJR1q
    — Laphroaig Whisky (@Laphroaig) April 1, 2017

    Islay Ales announced the opening of an Artisan restaurant. Although it seems it was destroyed in a storm just hours later.
    If there are any other Islay related ones I have missed please let me and other readers know via the comments.
    Regular readers of this blog will know that April Fools jokes have a long tradition on this blog, here’s the obligatory list of the previous ones (on the old blog):

    01/Apr/2007: Islay To Declare Independence
    01/Apr/2008: Bridge to Link Islay and Jura!
    01/Apr/2009: Blue Whale Spotted on Islay!
    01/Apr/2010: Bruichladdich to open Portnahaven Islay Distillery
    01/Apr/2011: James Bond Movie to be filmed on Islay?
    01/Apr/2012: Apple Store on Islay House Square
    01/Apr/2013: Ancient Illicit Distillery Discovered on Islay
    01/Apr/2014: Islay man to take Laphroaig on mission to Mars
    01/Apr/2015: Luxury hotel to be built above Machir Bay, Islay
    01/Apr/2016: WhiskyLand™ theme park to be built on Islay

    And that’s enough Islay April Fools. Let me see what I can come up with next year (it is getting more difficult…)

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