Flying to Islay as a wheelchair user

Islay on VideoIt’s been a while since I last posted here, I blame the heatwave in the UK which cost me a lot of energy (I don’t deal very well with hot weather). Still need to write up a quick summary from my Islay visit in June, but before I do that I’d like to share a video from another recent Islay visitor:

Doug Paulley (Doug on Twitter) flew to Islay in July (his first flight since becoming a wheelchair user if I understood it correctly) and decided to document his experiences as a wheelchair user as a help to others. A very interesting and informative video.

In addition Doug has also created a playlist of the views from the flight, for those who’d like to view what you can see from the window. And on Twitter he shared a video of a travel companion going for a swim at Bunnahabhain.

Author: Armin Grewe

I blog about Islay.

12 thoughts on “Flying to Islay as a wheelchair user”

  1. 😀 I like it.
    Loganair asked me to take it down because filming in the security hall at Glasgow Airport is banned. I refused on the basis that the few seconds recorded in the hall showed precisely nothing of use to anybody.
    It was indeed my first flight since becoming a wch user

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