New video: June evening in Lossit Bay, Islay

Islay on VideoI spent a wonderful late afternoon and evening on a beautiful sunny June day in Lossit Bay on the west coast of Islay. Filming video, taking pictures and just generally looking around. Here’s a first taster of it, a one take one minute clip of walking along the beach and then turning around for a glimpse of the approaching sunset:

There’s plenty more to come, both pictures and video.

Author: Armin Grewe

I blog about Islay.

26 thoughts on “New video: June evening in Lossit Bay, Islay”

  1. Sorry I can’t help you much, I mostly learned my way over the years by trial and error. I’ve now got a few bushes, dunes etc I use, but couldn’t really describe. I also vary depending on where the cattle are.

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