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Some new media from Islay to write about. Back in August the This is Islay podcast was launched. Its goal is to bring you voices from Islay, news and events with interviews from the community. It is intended for both locals and listeners further afield to give an insight into what is happening on Islay and how the community experienced events. The intention is to complement other news sources (e.g. The Ileach), not to compete with them.

As of writing this two episodes have been published, Welcome to This Is Islay Fàilte a chàirdean and Islay Resilience and A Trip To India. The below embedded player should list and allow you to play the most recent episodes (as of writing this the two mentioned ones):

The Best Ports Improve With Age This Is Islay

Islay's new ferries are eagerly awaited.  In this episode, a conversation with Nasir Udin, Senior Civil Engineer with CMAL – Caledonian Maritime Assets – and This Is Islay's Glen Roberts, discussing the upcoming port improvements which will take place in Port Ellen as well as Port Askaig, Colonsay and Kennacraig, all in preparation for two new ferries under construction in Turkey and scheduled for service in late 2024 and early 2025. Updates on the port improvements for Port Ellen and Port Askaig may be found at Information on the new ferries is available at You may contact CMAL directly by email at  This Is Islay is a volunteer-led community podcast celebrating the people, places, events and connections of our community.  For more information, visit our website at and follow us on social media.
  1. The Best Ports Improve With Age
  2. What's New at Bruichladdich Hall
  3. The Ileach (Fortnightly)
  4. Music Music Music
  5. Islay Show Day – Since 1838

I hope you’ll enjoy the podcasts as much as I did and will subscribe to them (I’m using Google Podcasts, which works really well for me, but various other services including Spotify are available). With the latest developments around Covid-19 I found the information about the Islay Resilience Group very interesting and how it will help with possible future developments. But of course there are plenty of other interesting topics as well.