Very nice Islay scenery video

Islay on Video

It’s time for another nice Islay video, I think. This time created by Naoki Otsuki from Japan (and Canada). The video takes us around Islay, showing various kinds of scenery. It’s a bit different than many other videos, looking closer at the finer details and sometimes taking a different perspective. I very much enjoyed it, I hope you will as well:

Naoki spent five days on Islay, check out the video description on YouTube for the details of what they did while on Islay.

Author: Armin Grewe

I blog about Islay.

8 thoughts on “Very nice Islay scenery video”

  1. もう一個、こちらはちゃんとしたサイト。去年ウイスキーの聖地アイラ島に行った時に撮った風景映像がアイラ島ブログみたいなのに取り上げられました。わざわざ重くて毎回空港セキュリティーで引っかかるローニンも持って行った甲斐があったよ…。…

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