Dave’s Islay holiday video

Islay on Video

Dave went on a Scottish Grand Tour in 2019 with I believe his partner and some friends (as well as a German Shepherd dog). On that tour they took their caravan to Islay, staying at the Port Mòr campsite. They visited a variety of places, which they filmed from the ground as well as the air. Here is the video Dave edited:

A nice mixture of views from their adventures and from the looks of it a very happy and excited dog playing on the beach and at Finlaggan. Thanks for sharing, Dave!

Author: Armin Grewe

I blog about Islay.

One thought on “Dave’s Islay holiday video”

  1. What a wonderfully shot and edited video. I feel as though I were there! I could feel the water lapping on the shore. And you are a great group of people (and dog) having such fun.

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