Sadly no Islay walking week 2018 for me

Islay EventsEarlier today I posted the first picture on my Islay photo blog for almost three weeks. The reason for that is that almost three weeks ago I badly injured my right leg and spent the first two weeks almost entirely in bed as I was unable to walk. Last weekend I started to take my first tentative steps again, well, let’s call it some very bad limping.

While there has been improvement over the last week I’m still limping and expect it will take at least another week or two until I can walk normally again, let alone drive. Going on long and strenuous walks will probably take me several more weeks if not months. With this year’s Islay walking week only a week away now it became painfully (pun intended) clear to me over a week ago that I would not be able to participate.

I’m very disappointed that I will not be able to join this year’s walks and meet old and new friends. It is also frustrating as to my knowledge I am the only person who has completed at least one walk on every single Islay walking week since they started 15 years ago. Obviously this run will now come to an end. I wish those able to go fantastic walks, great weather and a wonderful week. Depending on how my recovery goes I’m hoping to be back on Islay in June or later during the summer.

PS: I’m still very pleased with the speech recognition software I installed some time ago. As I’m still having to elevate my leg as much as possible to reduce the swelling it is very helpful to be able to just lean back, put my leg up and dictate this blog entry.

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36 thoughts on “Sadly no Islay walking week 2018 for me”

  1. Wishing you a full recovery Armin Grewe

  2. Andy Buttery says:

    You managed through your heart surgery Armin and you will win over this as well . These things are sent to try us so Chin up and Islay will be there when your not .
    Hope you have a speedy recovery 👍

  3. 🙁
    Get well soon.

  4. All the best Armin and get well soon!

  5. Happy Easter Armin. You will be back!

  6. Armin Grewe says:

    Thank you all for the kind words and wishes! While progress is slow and can feel some improvement again this morning.

  7. Glad there’s improvement, may it continue and heal xx

  8. Sorry to hear about your injury Armin. And we will miss your walking pics from the walk Islay. Get well soon!

  9. I’ll miss my lunch time Peatzeria catch up! But look forward to it when you are fit and well – real soon I hope. Thinking about you my friend.

  10. Allison Akgungor says:

    So sorry to hear about your injury. Wishing you a quick recovery. Your beautiful Islay photos always give an uplifting start to my day.

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