Video of the new Isle of Jura golf course (currently under construction)

Jura ExcursionsI must admit I’ve got mixed feelings watching this video. Over the years I’ve visited the now closed Jura House Gardens many times. I’ve walked along the shore at Ardfin at least twice. With the new private golf course (at least that’s my understanding, it’s a private course with no or only very limited public access) this is all history. At the same time the views in this video look spectacular:

So those privileged few who play golf and get a chance to play this course will certainly have a fantastic time. The ‘common’ people as well as people who prefer a rugged more natural landscape will almost certainly lose out.

22 thoughts on “Video of the new Isle of Jura golf course (currently under construction)”

  1. I have very mixed feelings – I fear it will bring very little to Jura either in terms of employment or visitors. I too heard that the course is to be ‘exclusive’ – basically for the friends and business associates of the owner and will be priced well outwith the average golfers range.

  2. That’s my impression/concern as well, from what I’ve heard it’s only for the owner and the people he invites. In regards to employment I’ve heard mixed messages, some say it’s a net loss, others say it’s a net gain if you balance the lost farm jobs against the new golf course jobs.


  • Brian Stewart

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