New Islay video: Saligo sunset far and close

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Took me a bit longer than I had hoped, but the Saligo Bay sunset video I had promised when I shared the Beautiful waves in Saligo Bay video back in January is now live. It’s one of my longest videos so far at just under 19 minutes, so bring a bit of time to watch it. It’s a bit different to the short and quick TikTok, YouTube Shorts etc videos as it’s a long and slow video where not an awful lot happens apart from the waves rolling into Saligo Bay and the sun slowly setting on an early September evening. A mixture of wide angle far views and telephoto close up views of the colourful sun during the sunset, followed by some views during the gloaming after the sunset. So set your clock to Islay time, pour yourself a wee dram of Islay single malt whisky, set the video to full screen, sit down and relax:

September Islay sunset at Saligo Bay – far and close

I hope you enjoyed the sunset and found the video relaxing, if you did please share it with friends and family who need a break. Can’t promise anything, but I hope to be able to upload a few more Islay videos over the coming weeks (or even months).

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