Thank you Armin for an other year of blogs, great stories and pics/movies. I had goods and bads myself last year, covid did miss me and at the end of 2021 I got my booster jab as well. In July me and a mate went on a short break in Germany on our motorbikes, lovely trip sunny and a few showers, we left Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler on July 12th. You know what happend after that…I still can’t believe it, I cried when I saw the reports on the news channels, the area is wrecked! You as from German origin must have felt sad at the time. Belgium and The Netherlands had floods as well the following days.
In september I left for a solo trip on the my motorbike to Gibraltar, passing Belgium , Luxembourg, France, Andorra and Spain. Three weeks of travel in beautiful Europe: 6700 km in all.
I do miss Scotland and the Western Isles a lot, every attempt for the last two year failed due to the covid and travel rules. My hopes are on 2022!