The view from Islay’s Rhuvaal lighthouse (video)

Islay on Video

It’s quite short (only 25 seconds long), but as this is a view most of us won’t get I thought it is worth sharing. It’s a view from the top of Rhuvaal lighthouse in the far north of Islay, taking in Jura, the Sound of Islay, the Isle of Mull and some of Colonsay:

While it’s possible to walk to the lighthouse (from Bunnahabhain) and enjoy the views from the foot of the lighthouse for everyone fit enough the several hours walk, getting to the top isn’t that easy.

Author: Armin Grewe

I blog about Islay.

8 thoughts on “The view from Islay’s Rhuvaal lighthouse (video)”

  1. I went there on a school trip.
    Walking from Killinallan to the Bholsa caves then on to Bunnahabhain.
    If I could offer any advice to anyone it would be that walking that distance wearing Doc Martens isn’t a good idea.

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