Nice walk to Islay’s Soldier’s Rock video

Islay on Video

Probably one of the most popular walks on Islay, the walk out to Soldier’s Rock on the Oa. Some great views to be enjoyed, in this video enhanced by some drone footage. After leaving the Oa there are also views from the south coast around Lagavulin.

One thing I would have done different though, I wouldn’t have walked through the cows with their calves. I have a very healthy respect of cattle, in particular when with calves, and if at all possible give them a wide berth. Simple self preservation.

Author: Armin Grewe

I blog about Islay.

25 thoughts on “Nice walk to Islay’s Soldier’s Rock video”

  1. Yes Islay is great for walking. I once went walking around the Oa and encountered a family of wild goats and their young and I made a hasty retreat. And I always avoid cattle and their young. A friend had his garden ‘eaten’ by wild goats in Majorca!

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