Islay is an interesting economic example. If I wanted to buy land from a wealthy landowner I need to waive a big bag of cash in his face. If the Island has 15000 people on it the cost goes up because the occupants are busy making money and can afford rent. If the Island is barren guess how much it’s worth? Not much. So the loss of population on Islay in the last century and a half is the direct result of the landlords putting an economic pinch on the Islanders and mismanaging the Islands financial well being. Kind of like slum lords who buy a hotel, bleed it for money yet not spending a penny on upkeep then turning it over for a profit. They destroy the hotel and make a big bag of cash. It’s sick. I think the concern of some of the posts on this thread for the future of the island are well founded. Perhaps the time has come for Islay to take back the Island and set up a trust fund like Eigg did.