Two Islay drone videos, Port Askaig and Portnahaven

Islay on VideoThought I’ll take you up in the air above Islay again today with two drone videos I’ve come across. The first one according to its title was more of a test, but as it has some very nice views of the snow capped hills of Jura (including the partly cloud covered Paps of Jura) I thought it was still worth sharing:

For the second video we travel across the island to the southern end of the Rhinns of Islay, to Portnahaven:

I hope you’ve enjoyed the videos from across Islay and Jura.

Author: Armin Grewe

I blog about Islay.

13 thoughts on “Two Islay drone videos, Port Askaig and Portnahaven”

  1. Is Islayblog still active..2019?
    My grandparents (Currie and Macdairmid);
    were from Islay. I am a piper (from Regina, Saskatchrwan, Canada) and would like to find out about piping on Islay.

    1. Not as frequent as I’d like to, but yes, I’m still blogging here. There’s plenty of piping on Islay, both young and old pipers. There are two pipe bands, the Islay Pipe Band takes part in grade 2 in various international competitions.

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