Armin’s 2017 New Year’s Greetings on

A bit stuttering, a bit improvised, but I hope it gets the message across. My first attempt at New Year’s Greetings in video format. I think they call it a vlog (from video blog). I hope it’s not too embarrassing:

Happy New Year 2017!

Author: Armin Grewe

I blog about Islay.

42 thoughts on “Armin’s 2017 New Year’s Greetings on”

  1. Not at all embarrassing, Armin. Here’s wishing you a happy new year, good health and a return to Islay, where your soul seems most at home:”Angedenken an das GuteHält uns immer frisch bei Muthe.Angedenken an das SchöneIst das Heil der Erdensöhne.Angedenken an das Liebe,Glücklich! wenn’s lebendig bliebe.Angedenken an das EineBleibt das Beste, was ich meine.”-Goethe

  2. Thank you Armin for your well wishes. They weren’t at all embarrassing!
    I wish you all the best including lots of good health for 2017

  3. Happy New Year Armin you will be back on Islay soon keep thinking positively. You are recovering so well…keep going you will get to the walking week. All the very best of luck for 2017. Maybe see you on Islay in the spring. Teresa. Islay Wildscapes

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